The Vestron executives had planned en route for release the film in theaters for a weekend, and then send it to home videofilm, since Vestron had been all the rage the video distribution business ahead of film production. Lake Lure, North Carolina and the Mountain Lagoon Hotel near Pembroke, Virginiaand with careful editing made it look like all shooting was done in the same area. Patrick Swayze also required a hospital visit; insisting on doing his own stunts, he repeatedly chop off the log during the balancing scene and injured his knee so badly he had to have fluid drained from the swelling. Scenes in Lagoon Lure were filmed at the old Boys Camp, which is now a private, residential area known as Firefly Cove. Denial one on the team, however, liked the rough cut so as to was put together, and Vestron executives were convinced the filmvoorstelling was going to be a flop. Grey was initially not happy about the choice, as she and Swayze had complexity getting along on Red Be born, but when they did their dancing screen test, the chemistry between them was obvious.

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Bergstein described it as breathtaking. The Times reviewer called the filmvoorstelling a metaphor for America all the rage the summer of  — amenable, prosperous, bursting with good intentions, a sort of Yiddish-inflected Camelot. They then sought a manly lead, initially considering year-old Billy Zane , who had the visual look desired originally the Johnny character was to be Italian and have a dark exotic look , but initial dancing tests when he wasgoed partnered with Grey did not meet expectations. Grey was at first not happy about the abundance, as she and Swayze had difficulty getting along on Burgundy Dawn, but when they did their dancing screen test, the chemistry between them was apparent. Thirty-nine percent of people who viewed the film did not realize abortion was the subplot. Scenes filmed at Mountain Lagoon included dining scenes, Kellerman's Hotel, the beach games, Penny cry in the kitchen, and the Houseman family's cabins. By Nevelmaand, it was also achieving international fame. To address this, creator Bergstein and director Ardolino affected the stars to re-watch their initial screen-tests—the ones with the breathtaking chemistry.

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The outside temperature rose to  °F 41 °Cand with all the additional camera and lighting equipment basic for filming, the temperature classified could be as high as  °F 49 °C. She then conceived a new story, focused about exclusively on dancing. Bergstein then shopped the script around en route for other studios but was again and again rejected, until she brought it to Vestron Pictures, the just now formed studio division of Stamford, Connecticutbased Vestron Inc. Marketers of the Clearasil acne product liked the film, seeing it as a vehicle to reach a teen target audience. Rehearsals abruptly turned into disco parties involving nearly every cast member, even non-dancers such as Jack Weston. The role went instead en route for year-old Paula Truemanand Joel Aged was not cast.

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